quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008


Iraq Resistance Dedication

The truth alway hurts (A verdade sempre fere)
Ouillish (1 week ago) The US invaded Iraq illegally. How can you say that people defending their own land are the enemies of the world?
BIHKRAJINA (2 months ago) So called insurgents-THEY are HEROES of all people who want to be free from oppresors.God bless IRAQI RESISTANCE,they have heart of a lion.ALAHU AKBAR
haha20072006 (2 months ago) Imperialist dogs, or americans, you are a shame of humanity.Stop invading other people's countries and murdering the innocent!!
ANTIDALLARD (3 months ago) all the best to the resistance . you fight a just fight. You have the world, the law and the moral right on your side,. What does America have? WMD and military might. Aint enough
Singhjikhalsa (3 months ago) the `insurgents` how can you call them that in their own country? theyre fighting for self defence against illegal occupation, yes there are some people in iraq who kill innocents, but these are a minority, u get goods and bads in all religions and societies. the iraqi resistance is just, and the americans are the biggest killers in iraq, they drop tomohawk missiles on crowded cities, they used white phospohrous in fallujah-a chemical weapon, they leveled the city to the ground.
uhm no freewbjunk, the americans are on the streets occupying iraq illegaly, entering iraqi houses raping the women and beating and killing the men and children, the iraqi `insurgents` as you call them, are the normal men and women of iraq fighting for their freedom justly as they are fed up with this occupation- the americnas and british are the root cause of all violence in iraq

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