sábado, 21 de março de 2009


Iraq before the bombs fell

Iraq looked to be a peaceful place before the Bush invasion.

-- BArrels of OIL ,, converted to dollars Dollars USA ,,,
BUSH and his buddies saw this opportunity ,, to attack IRAQ and take all this WEALTH ..

---- GOD bless BRAVE IRAQI people ... WHO stand up to EVIL ZIONIST SCUM ... MUJAHEEDENS fight for your land .. and OIL ..

saddam was a small problem to iraqi people. americans made there lives worse. the people who admired the american soldiers are only the few people who only cared about their stupid government. the majority died by the stupid americans and you are just a one sided fool only taking the americans side because you think america is a good country trying to give democracy which is only a small restriction in iraq when the real terrorist are the americans!!!!

soldodeserto (1 ano atrás)
People in Iraq lived in peace!
Now they have lived in hell 'cause of USA. Since USA invaded Iraq, killing children, women with forbbiden arms!
Bu$h wanted to rob OIL and destroy Iraq!
USA is down. Bu$h is the devil!

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